Our Board Members

Our mission is to be used by God as He answers the cry of the lost and helpless children of the world.
(Psalm 72:12-14)

Our Board of Directors

Pastor Larry Brodie (wife, Judy)

Jean Thurston (husband, Gene)

Doug Elder (wife, Joyce)

Michael & Susan Cook

Earl and Jennifer Prince

Don Bowman (wife, Becky)

Shean Philips (wife, Angie)

Dr. Hom Neupane (wife, Sira)

Teresa Mock

Phil Liddle (wife, Ivy)

Jim Laughlin (wife, Lynn)

Tom  Gossler   ( wife, Sandy)

Pastor  Brian  Taylor  ( wife, Lisa)

Jim  Warner  ( wife, Vickie)

Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Rick Lee (wife,  Lisa)

Pastor Bryan Ferrell (wife, Tracey)

Jeff Abbett (wife, Jane)

Joyce Elder (husband, Doug)

Mike Cook, Jr. (wife, Heather)







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